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How To Manage Asthma (Breathing Difficulty) During Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is upon us, and it’s the time when nature is in its best form. While the monsoon season may be pleasant for most of us, the same cannot be said for patients suffering from Asthma or breathing difficulty problems.

If you are an asthma patient and feeling troubled by the sudden change in the climate accompanied by COVID-19, make sure to follow these precautions to stay safe & healthy.

Why you should be worried

Asthma is a respiratory condition in which the affected person faces trouble breathing due to swelling in airways. Besides difficulty breathing, other symptoms of Asthma include chest pain, wheezing and cough. Some asthma patients can feel the condition worsening with the change of climate, especially in the monsoon season. read more

Avoid Taking These Foods with Certain Medications

Most of the prescription medications accompany warning labels, explaining the right method to take the medicine along with allergies or precautions if any. It is important that you read these warnings before taking any prescription medicine to avoid side-effects.

It is very common among patients, especially older people, who take prescription medicines to not read the labels. One of the things that the prescription labels contain is the information about the foods and drinks to not take along with or while you’re on these drugs. Avoiding to read the label will only mean that you never got to know about these precaution foods. read more

How are online pharmacies better than offline?

The world is moving online, with more than 15 billion people using the internet actively. Many of these people use the internet to shop for things, including clothes, electronics, and even groceries. And the latest trend in online shopping is to buy medicines online.

Even though the concept of online pharmacies and online medicine shopping has been around for over two decades, it’s now stronger than ever because of easy and affordable internet access.

What’s an online pharmacy?

An online pharmacy, also sometimes called a mail-order pharmacy, is a platform where you can search for and buy over-the-counter medicines, prescription drugs, research chemicals, and other medication online using a digital device like a smartphone or tablet and the internet. The medicines ordered by you through an online pharmacy are generally delivered to your physical address in a prescribed time limit. read more

Why does it cost less to buy medicines (in bulk) online?

The internet has greatly changed the way we do things, including the way we shop for things, including medicines. Today, there are online pharmacies through which you can easily buy medicines online and get them delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. All you need is a device like a computer or mobile and an internet connection to access the online pharmacy website and order medicines from it.

But, that’s not the only benefit of buying medicines online.

In order to attract more customers and stay ahead of the competition, most of the online pharmacies now offer great deals and discounts to the users buying medicines online, especially if you place bulk orders. For instance, MedicineFather – A US based online pharmacy – offers special rates along with discounts on wholesale medicine orders. read more