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Online Pharmacy: Safety Precautions to follow when buying medicines online


Online pharmacies are nowadays in trend as an easy, convenient, and affordable means for buying medications online. Most people love the idea of shopping for medicines and other health supplies online and get doorstep delivery to their address. While this may seem like the best way there is to buy medicines, it has its own cons. When buying medicines online, you need to be extra careful, as a lot of fraud websites are selling cheap or duplicate medicines to lure customers in the name of discounts.

Why online pharmacies are rising in popularity

Getting your medicines delivered to your address or being able to order prescription medicines online is one of the best things ever. You no longer have to search for pharmacies in your local area, visit the store, and get in line for billing. You can avoid the crowd and inconvenience of visiting a local pharmacy every time you have to buy medication. And when you’re traveling and need your prescription refilled, there is no better and faster way than online or mail-order pharmacies to get it done.

However, a large number of online pharmacies out there are illegitimate and not authorized to sell the medicines or products they are selling. Buying prescriptions or OTC medication from such an illegal online pharmacy can put you at serious risks. They may have been selling duplicate or fake medications, using which can be life-threatening for you. At the same time, it can also have legal impacts on both the seller and the buyer.

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Safety precautions to follow when buying medicines from online pharmacies

Buy online from a certified and legitimate website

Almost 96 percent of the total online pharmacies operating in the U.S. are unauthorized. But, how do you ensure the website you’re buying medicines from is legitimate?

  • Check the website address to make sure it is based in the U.S.
  • Check the website license
  • They must have expert pharmacists and/or physicians for consultation
  • Must require a prescription for prescription drugs
  • Must be easy to contact
  • Must be old and trustworthy with a good reputation in the industry

Check for security

When buying medicines from an online store, make sure to check for these security aspects:

  • Check for HTTPS in the website URL
  • .pharmacy in domain
  • Security in payments
  • Avoid storing card details on the website

To further protect yourself from fraud online pharmacies, you can ask for the NABP certification provided to legit online pharmacies operating in the U.S. You can also check the list of all the authorized pharmacies on the NABP website.

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How to save money with online pharmacies

Buying medicines online is a great way to save money and get the best price for medications. With the price of prescription medicines rising each day, online pharmacies are a relief for everyone looking to save extra on medicines.

Many online pharmacies, including, sell wholesale medicines directly from manufacturers to buyers/customers/retailers at the lowest prices. Since there is no dealer commission involved, you get your medicines at the best rates along with attractive discounts on bulk orders.

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