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Sleeping pills are the best solution in emergency situations when you are suffering from insomnia, apnea and sleep disorders, which makes you feel restless at night. Sleeping pills are most commonly used for such kind of sleep disorders.

The primary reason for the disturbance of your circadian rhythm (aka sleep-wake cycle) include problems like depression, stress-related disorders, emotionally traumatic experiences, shift work, etc.

But even if your circadian rhythm is right and still you’re not able to get a good eight hours of sleep at night, you can rely on quality sleeping pills to keep you away from wearing those dark circles under eyes.

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Habits that can help you Sleep Better, Stay healthier

The quality of sleep can be improved by:

  • Cutting down caffeine consumption from your daily routine
  • Avoiding afternoon naps
  • Ignoring late night snacks
  • By saying no to fatty and spicy food
  • Doing regular exercise

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