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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy – Your personal data is safe with us

Our Privacy Policy (General)

Your personal data is safe with us. Your information is needed just to know your requirements and also deliver the relevant medicines to your doorsteps within time. By entering your personal data you allow our backend electronic mechanism to process your search effectively and show you relevant results and adds for the same (keeping you away from adds unnecessary for you).

At MedicineFather, we believe in extending efficient and transparent services based on the personal data provided by you at the same time protecting the data from any kind of piracy. Being in the medical business for more than 15 years, MedicineFather has now become a priority of million who once were struggling with the quality of medicines purchased online. There are tools on the website which will help you easily access and manage your personal info.

Enjoy Direct Access to your personal information

The website has a feature through which it is easy for the user to edit or delete his/her personal information. is an online medicine supplier that utilizes your personal information just to deliver you the precise services keeping an acute eye on your personal data to protect it from getting hacked, edited or deleted by any third party.

Still, the user needs to be a little cautious while entering the information as MedicineFather is unable to halt the risks related to the use of the internet and suggests users to stay clever regarding the potential risks involved in the unscrupulous usage of internet by any third party.

There might be links from other websites visible on the site which are ahead of the Company’s surveillance and cannot be controlled by us. Such web links are from outside sources and MedicineFather is not responsible for their display on its site. MedicineFather is not liable for any advertising, content, products or other information from any outside source.

Only Promotional Updates

The platform gives you the convenience of accessing and managing the personal data you enter here. You are open to choose whether you want to get the update of deals on medicines via our promotional messages or simply quit on such promotional messages.

If opted for promotional messages, you will get the intimation via mail, SMS or a phone call. You can even opt for either of the three modes with regard to receiving the promotional alerts which again depends on your personal convenience.

You can do so by signing into MedicineFather’s Promotional Communication Management which in turn will ask you to update your contact details (email ID and Phone Number). This does not apply to the information you have to enter on a mandatory basis which will be a lead for the company while they deliver the ordered medicine to your residence.

Extracting Additional Information for providing Convenient Services

MedicineFather requires your personal information to create your account which will be referred for delivery every time you make an order online with us. Please note the partially entered information while creating an account is further customized by us for delivery convenience.

We extract additional data using cookies and receiving error reports or from the software running on your device. Customers’ demographic data is extracted from other companies for reference.

We collaborate with companies who help us tracing your exact location based on the IP address which helps us in giving you a doorstep delivery. The additional data we obtain is solely from the features or apps you are already using on your devices.

User Information Usage

The user’s data collected by the MedicineFather website is centric to providing better services to the clients, to send them the promotional intimations (solely based on their search and previous orders), doorstep delivery and effective query handling (if any).

Combined with the information provided by you, the additional information extracted by us is just to give you all the conveniences you expect from an online product shopping like doorstep delivery, regular product updates, etc.

At last, to prevent personal data leakages, we have artificial intelligence safeguards. For instance, if you are not signed in, the information gets stored safely at a separate location while you log into the system identifies you by the combination of your name, email, and mobile number.

Sharing User’s Information with Relevant and Trusted Entities
It is only with your permission and for your convenience, we share the information provided by you with other entities. The provided payment details are required by us while executing a transaction on your purchase with banks or other financial institutions.

Data is shared with banks for the purpose mentioned above, adding on to that we extend the data to the subsidiaries which work under our surveillance and they strictly abide by our privacy policies.

We extend the user’s data to our associated vendors or agents who are responsible for providing us the secured systems, they may need access to users’ personal data for providing them security functionalities.

If the users’ data is extended by us under such circumstances then the recipient companies are liable to strictly abide by the terms of data privacy which clearly restricts them from further extending the data received from MedicineFather.

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