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Why do prescription drugs cost so much in the U.S.?

Prescription drug

One of the primary reasons why people in America find it difficult to afford quality healthcare is the high cost of prescription drugs. Even though most of the community hospitals in the country are non-profit or owned by the government, the U.S. is still at the top of the list of the countries where prescription drugs are the costliest.

One of the major reasons why the cost of buying prescription drugs is the highest in the U.S. is that the industry is widely dominated by private players, who are free to choose whatever price they want for their drugs.

If you are concerned about the high cost of prescription medications, try buying prescription drugs online. Online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs often trade directly with manufacturers, therefore their prices are the lowest and you get the best quality drugs with home delivery.

Why the cost of prescription drugs is rising

There can be multiple reasons as to why the cost of buying prescription drugs is now higher than ever in the US. The common reasons include:

1. The monopoly right of drug manufacturers in the country, which allows these manufacturers to set their own prices for their drugs. In the U.S., the government plays no part in deciding the drug prices. Private owners and manufacturers can charge whatever price they consider right for their drugs.

2. Generic variants of certain drugs are not available in the market. Because of the government-protected monopoly, drug manufacturers continue to dominate the markets with their patented drugs, not allowing generic drugs to enter the scenario.

3. Generic drugs take too much time to approve by the FDA. In some cases, it may take 4-5 years or even more for a new generic drug to get approval before it could be sold to the public. This is another reason why costly prescription drugs are only accessible.

4. The prices set by drug manufacturers are usually not in line with R&D (research & development) costs.

5. Intermediaries like dealers and agents charge their own commission, thus further increasing the price of prescriptions medications.

The Solution to the problem of the high cost of prescription drugs

One of the best solutions to the problems of the increasing cost of prescription drugs is online pharmacies. An online pharmacy not only sells generic drugs at the best prices in the market but also they can provide brand medications at the lowest rates, which are free of dealers’ commission. Moreover, you can avail attractive discounts and offers when buying medicines online from a reputed pharmacy. It also ensures on-time, hassle-free and cost-efficient medicine shopping experience.

MedicineFather is a US-based online pharmacy that delivers quality, genuine prescription drugs and research chemicals worldwide from the company office located in Miami. MedicineFather can give you the lowest price for drugs when you buy large quantities.

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