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Discreet Packaging and Delivery Promise

We promise to deliver your medicines, research chemicals, etc. in discreet packaging that does not reveal the content of the package and contain no branding. At MedicineFather, we value the privacy of our customers the most, so we never put the details of medicines or the brand name on the outside of the package. Rest assured, no one but you (recipient) will know what about the contents of your package.

How will the Outer Package look?

The outside of the parcel will only have the delivery/courier label, containing the address (and phone number) of the recipient, details of the seller, etc. (Refer to the image below.)

So, there is no way to identify the content of the package from the outside.

Also, we use high-quality packaging for all our products to protect them from damage during transport and to keep the content safe. All the products are checked for quality before packaging.

Will the Invoice have the product name?

No. The invoice (as shown in the image) will only contain the seller and buyer information, address, phone no. etc. and will have no name or brand description related to the actual content of the package.

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