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Common Side Effects of Daily-use Medications You Should Know About

Side-Effects of daliy Medication

Medication is probably the most used type of treatment for common health issues like stress, breathing problems, pain, among other things. But, what will happen if the same medication that is supposed to make you healthy starts having side effects and makes the situation worse? Therefore, it helps to know about the common side-effects of some popular medications.

Almost all kinds of drugs, irrespective of their actual purpose, can have side-effects, which usually occur if the drugs are not used in the prescribed manner. The side effects may range from nausea, headache, vomiting, lightheadedness, stomach upset, fatigue, among others, depending on the medication. Some of these side-effects are common and somewhat obvious but others, unexpected side-effects, can sometimes turn dangerous.

If you are taking any of the common medications, be sure to know about the following side-effects associated with them.

Ambien Drug: Side Effects

Ambien is a Zolpidem tartrate medication commonly used for the treatment of sleeping problems such as insomnia. If you feel anxiety or find it difficult to go to sleep, your doctor might recommend you to take Ambien 10mg pills.

Ambien can have some side effects like sleepwalking, sleep-driving or even sleep eating. You will not usually remember these things when you wake up. The probability is higher in new users of Ambien. This happens when Ambien is still in your bloodstream and you are not fully awake.

In case of side effects from Ambien, consult with your doctor and ask them to reduce the dosage.

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Lorazepam Drug: Side Effects

Lorazepam is another very popular drug that is primarily used to treat sleeping problems and anxiety disorders. It is a benzodiazepine class drug like Xanax and Valim. The side-effects of all these drugs are similar, that include a form of deja vu where you may have a flashback of your childhood or a specific time in your life.

The side effects of Lorazepam can intensify if it is taken along with drugs like dopamine that affect neurotransmitters.

Talk to your doctor if you have the feeling of deja vu after taking Lorazepam.

Requip and Mirapex Drugs: Side Effects

Requip and Mirapex both are dopamine agonists that are used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. The drugs are commonly used by people suffering from symptoms like muscle cramps, spasms, stiffness, among others.

About 5 to 10 percent of people who take either of these medicines have some unexpected side-effects, the most common of which is the urge to gamble or have sex.

If you are facing any side-effects of Requip and Mirapex, do consult with your doctor immediately.

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Dapsone Drug and Side Effects

Dapsone is an immunity booster antibiotic commonly used by people looking to strengthen their immune systems. It is also sometimes prescribed to patients with HIV or skin conditions as an antibiotic to prevent infections.

Some patients who take Dapsone may sometimes experience a number of unexpected side-effects such as breathing difficulty, chest pain, abnormal heart rate, weakness and others. This is collectively called acquired methemoglobinemia (or carbon-monoxide poisoning), but the effects are not usually life-threatening.

Make sure to immediately inform your doctor if you experience unexpected side-effects from any prescription medications you’re taking. Buy your prescription medications from MedicineFather for huge discounts and best prices.

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