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7 Things to Know About Online Pharmacies

Online Pharmacies

Are you planning to start shopping for medicines online in order to save money and time? Do you want to know more about online pharmacies before you shop from them? Are you worried that online pharmacies are not trustworthy?

You’ll find the answers to all these questions and some more related to online pharmacies here.

Let’s get started.

Note: For this article, we will take the reference of, which is a US-based online pharmacy selling affordable, high-quality drugs and research chemicals to customers worldwide.

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What’s an online pharmacy?

An online pharmacy is a digital store where you can buy prescription medicines, over-the-counter drugs, research chemicals, and other healthcare supplies with the convenience of your desktop or smartphone (with internet connectivity) and get them delivered to your location.

Buying medicines from an internet pharmacy is both cheaper and convenient. Medicine Father, for instance, sells medication in bulk directly from manufacturers to consumers.

How to buy medicines from an online pharmacy


Ordering medicines online is probably the easiest part. You can do so with your smartphone or computer.

Open the website ( Search for the medication you want to purchase. Add the quantity to your cart. Proceed to checkout and make payment online. Your order is placed. Expect delivery in the next couple of days.

Can you trust an online medical store?


Not always. Not all the online pharmacies out there are genuine. In fact, most of them are illegal and selling fake or duplicate medicines at high prices. So, it’s important that you know how to differentiate between good and bad online pharmacies.

You should trust only legit online pharmacies that are approved by local/national authorities and are based in the US.

Are they FDA approved?


Not all online pharmacies you’ll come across will be FDA-approved. But, it’s important that you only buy medication from a certified or approved online store. So, check for the pharmacy credentials before buying.

What to look for in an online pharmacy?


An online pharmacy must be legal. They must be allowed to sell drugs in a particular area. They should preferably have a US address. The pharmacy must have a doctor or pharmacist, who you can contact for details. They must be easy to reach. The drugs sold by the pharmacy must be genuine.

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Can I buy medicines without prescription online?


Some internet pharmacies may allow you to buy drugs or research chemicals online without prescription. However, it’s illegal to sell prescription medicines directly to consumers without a prescription. So, most of these sites, including, sell medication in bulk to local pharmacies and stores for reselling.

Is it safe to buy medicines from online pharmacies?


Only if you are buying from a genuine and authentic pharmacy.

Medicine Father is a US-based and certified online pharmacy that sells drugs and research chemicals to businesses. We employ a range of security measures on our website, including HTTPS, password-protection, etc. to ensure a safe shopping experience. We also allow customers to pay with bitcoin for better security and privacy.

Make sure to follow these tips and precautions when shopping online for medication. Buy only from a genuine online pharmacy like

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